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Every Divorce Is Unique And Divorce Can Happen To Anyone

Google, Your Friends And Your Attorney Do Not Have All The Resources To Help You Navigate Your Divorce

Let Our Experts Guide You With Help And Resources Tailored To Your Divorce Situation





  • Answer Questions About The Divorce Process

  • One on One Help to Strategically Streamline Your Divorce

  • Help Finding Trusted Attorneys

  • Help Finding Adult and Child Therapy

  • Divorce Financial Planning

  • Support Groups

  • Help Finding Housekeepers, Child Care and More

  • Recommendations for specialists that can help with credit repair, accountants, loans, insurance, appraisers and more!


* We are not attorneys and can not offer you legal advice.  If you need any services that we are not licensed to do in house, we will refer you to hand selected specialists tailored to your needs.  



Click here to access our information form. Once we receive it, we will reach out to schedule a 60 minute personalized coaching session.  You will be able to ask questions and we will give you valuable information about how to streamline your divorce situation.  Click here if you would prefer to schedule your initial consultation online.

*Due to COVID all coaching sessions will be held on Zoom or over the phone.  We look forward to coaching in person soon!

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Click here to join one of our support groups.  We have groups for men, women and coed.  You can pay per meeting or sign up for one of our subscription plans to join as many as you want.  

Click here to sign up for one of our classes taught by Laura Scott, the published author of The Accidental Divorcee.  This is a 6 week class covering a different topic with course materials each week.  At the end of the course you will receive an autographed copy of her book!

You can pay for this course by the week or for the whole 6 weeks!

*Due to COVID all groups and classes will be held on Zoom.



Welcome to Parting Ways!


We look forward to helping you make your divorce as easy as possible by giving you the resources and help you need! 


Parting Ways was created as a one stop place to get the proper help you need when going through a divorce. 


Currently people search google, ask friends and families or their attorney for non legal help and advice which not only can be expensive but does not always result on the best advice for your situation.


An attorney is the most important professional for your divorce offering legal help and advice as well as representing you in your divorce case and much more. Many people find their attorney based on google reviews or recommendations from family, friends and social media.  Finding the correct attorney for your situation and to fit your personal needs is a task, one that is only more complicated sifting through reviews and recommendations.  We can help with that!


Many people are caught off guard with their divorce papers and want answers fast in a way they can understand.  General non legal answers about what the papers mean, what to expect in the process, what to expect with custody and child support, how does splitting assets work etc. The usual method of finding answers through google or family, friends and social media can cost you lots of time and misinformation.  Every divorce is unique, you need answers tailored to you.

There are many other professionals that specialize in divorce that get overlooked during the process.  Overlooking these professionals can cost you a lot of time, money and resources making your divorce more complicated then it needs to be.  Some of these professionals include Child and Adult Therapists, Divorce Financial Planners, Real Estate Specialists, Credit Specialists, Mediators and more.  We have specialists on our team at Parting Ways that are qualified in many specialties however we can help you find specialists in any specialties you may need based on your situation.


Our Divorce Coaches can help guide you, support you and motivate you during your divorce process.  Your friends and family can be great general support however many people would prefer some one that is not bias guide them through decision making and get advice from.  Many people do not feel comfortable sharing all the details of their situation with their friends or family for fear of judgement or bias.  

Support groups can be a huge resource for people going through a divorce.  Currently the groups are primarily held in churches and are very hard to find.  Groups are primarily co-ed and only meet once a week or less.  It is important to us at Parting Ways to offer support group options that make you feel comfortable so that you can get the most from the group. In addition to meeting other members in your group that are going through similar situations, we also use books and workbooks, talk about resources, share stories as well as using other tools to keep the groups interesting, supportive and informative.  We have the option to pay per class or by monthly subscription.

Join us for one of our classes led by Laura Scott, the author of The Accidental Divorcee.  

We offer a 6 week class covering a different topic with course materials each week.  At the end of the course you will receive an autographed copy of her book!

You can pay for this course by the week or for the whole 6 weeks at a discount.


Our goal is to save you time and money and help you streamline your divorce process to make it as easy as possible.



2000 Windy Terrace Suite 2A

Cedar Park, TX 78613

Phone: 737-843-4300

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